Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bright new spirit.

since my first intake in bachelor of science (architecture) in iium gombak (last week) i become a different me. why i said so....don't you believe me? haha it's true. i was brainwashed many times by people around me, mostly by my friends and lecturers. the first day had been wonderfully discouraged by the lecturer when she treated us as if we're second or third year student. she didn't brief the subject in proper manner so we aggrieved for so many times. speechless with how the things are get going. we're like "whaddaheq is going on? what kinda class is this?" hm unfortunately.

from the foundation centre of this course i realized that most of the lecturers are kinda discouraging. i think i know why but not robustly. there are still things that i didn't discover yet. maybe after i become a lecturer? maybe.

so here's some words of wisdom for myself. to motivate this low self esteem girl. but if u wanna read it then go on i don't care. :p

please just stand on your true ambition.
no need to care about how much people look down on this field, 
no need to worry much about those unpleasant words from your lecturers and friends,
lecturers, they might have experience but they don't know your true ability.
friends, they might be right but they just right in their own way,
maybe if they don't like to proceed the challenge together with you, it might be better for their future.
so just don't stick to their words and lifestyle. 
u already have your own.

you are who you are,
don't let people change your dream
if you don't have anyone to rely on, just rely to Allah
because the truth is, you are living alone in this world.
eventually you'll need to do everything by yourself.
no people to help.
so be tough and independent.

o self,
do you remember your true goal which is to please Allah?
the one and only goal.
no matter in what kinda things u do to please Allah,
He had already prepare one for you.
He had already leave one special road for you to get through.
just get into it even though there's so many obstacles
because other roads are having obstacles that you yourself can't bear.
don't u forgot that each people have different talent to achieve success in their life?


always keep in mind to make your parents proud of you.
to make those two people who raised you for million dolars of money and energy plus with love,
make their heart say unconsciously that 
"it's been a blessed to have a child like u , Alhamdulillah."
make them feel worthy to have an excellent child.
a useful person to society.

please and please, delete all those unnecessary reasons which block your way to success.


that you can do it because nobody could believe you more.
Allah already mentioned in Quran,

Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequence of] what [evil] it has earned.
(al-baqarah 286)

just do it. 


aten said...

go jannah go ! ikut kata hati ! don't let others make you give up ! :) aten sokong jannah <3

n.jannah said...

syukran aten. syg aten lillahi ta'ala :')

Sharifah Amarina said...

Done follow sini #226. Follow back ye -