Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Wrong.

"You haven't get your spm result yet but already thinking of marriage??"

Some person would have said those things nowadays because they think it is too early to talk about marriage. I'm not saying that they're wrong, the thing is, everyone have their own rights to think about their future. maybe some will say, "You can't wait to have a marriage, aren't you?" HAHA. think positive guys.

think think think.

Nikah Khitbah. I knew that everybody already knew about this, which a man and a woman get married early (usually when they're still studying) and live separately for a while. For me, this type of marriage is better because you don't need to worry about adultery (zina). You could feel free to go for a date with your own spouse. How sweet huh ..(ehh?) anyway, this is rarely happen, because nowadays teenagers don't even care if they're socially mixed with member of opposite gender (okay what is that... -.-)

That's just one of the example!

Back to the real topic, did you have your own vision of your future? who'll be your life partner? where'll you live? what will you do with your life? okay, I'll tell you my own vision. if you don't want to know, just ignore the orange-coloured text. haha.

I could see that I am there in my big house, in my own village. There are many types of animals such as cows, chickens, and sheeps in my own mini zoo at the backyard. I live with my mother and father even after my marriage. I work as a successful architect. I have a husband who is titled as an Ustaz (woots!). I always need him to give me guidances about my own religion. Besides of  working hard in my own carrier, I would never  being neglectful about my children because I want them to become soleh and solehin.

InsyaAllah. I really hope that the things that I've dreamt for to become reality even if it's not 100% same as I wished. Besides, Allah knows the best for all of us.

You could say that the vision is our dream, yeah. the dream would become true if we think optimistically by giving effort on it together with do'a. most importantly, we must put the vision sincerely, which is to be blissed and to be pleased by Allah s.w.t. 

It's better to have a vision/dream, rather than nothing to think about our future. At least we've marked a 'place' before we reach it. Imagine how pathetic if we don't have any checkpoint to be reached!

Whatever happens, make your own dream and believe it!

Owh and then.... do you noticed that I just using fully English in this post.... for the first time? kekekekek. well I always wanted to improve my English in school by speaking English with friends, but seems that now I have no friends to talk with in home. although it's kinda broken, at least I'm trying right? haha! forget it.

scratchscratch, finished! do have your own thoughts :)


LKA said...

nikah khitbah tu nikah gantung kan??
anyway did you know what nikah khitbah is??

LKA said...

I mean the process??

n.jannah said...

kahwin awal lah... ni ha, pegi kat link ni.

kalau kau GUNA CARA NI jangan lupa jemput aku lak. ahaha :D

Faiq Aiman said...

dah nk nikah ke?
btw thanks info :)

LKA said...

I know la what nikah khitbah is..juz wanna know that you really know what nikah khitbah is..yela mane tau kalau ko main ckap je tp x tau pape...nway thanks 4 the info..kalau aq GUNA CARA NI aq jemput ko kalau tak, tak yah jemput la kan?? haha ^.^b

n.jannah said...

faiq : welcome and i'm not ready yet. :)
LKA : WHAT ? okeyfine aku tak kesah pon :P