Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Working in a Coffee Shop

Ahah, the title itself is so predictable of the contents aite !
Yes, because nowadays I tend to be more simple & clearer of anything I am doing or having.
Life is so much simple without dramas :'D #tibah

Dear my since 2010 diary,

I have so much to be kept here so that my future self could re-read again but then, I realized, the older i get the lesser I would like to write. I can say, it's an adult-ing process, maybe.

It was a wonderful experience of being a barista for about one quarter of the year. I was there in Starb*cks (hahaha wait why need to censored lol) when the winter season came. It was a great ending for 2017, & can't believe that I've got the chance to learn about things I am so crazy of; COFFEE .

Now you can ask me to make any of the drinks. Just name it; Latte, Mocha, Cappucino, Caramel Macchiato, Affogato etc etc as long i have all the equipments (unfortunately). I already mastered it all alhamdulillah, and also can consider it as another #AchievementUnlocked weehee~

Anyway, it was a period of blissfulness to spend time with my fellow barista partners & my love towards coffee will be definitely endless.

coffee bae
That's all for this latest post. Need more..(magod my question mark is not functioning)
Let's coffee talk ! ;)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Right now.
In the middle of Kuala Lumpur busy hometown.
Living all by myself.
I'm neither in Comfort nor discomfort zone.
It's in between something
that me myself can't describe.

Living life by just following the flow. Yet still try to discover the miracles in between those flows.

Just wishing that I'm not losing myself and living the real life that I've always wanted
and have the chance to give back to my parents
for all the times they've spent to make me a
significantly, me.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why All of These Happening to me?

Yes. Whenever I felt down, feel hopeless, felt hurt by the worldly events, this sentence somehow popped out from nowhere.

Lately it happened.

My lifestyle seems differ from people around me. Different from my own family.
I often ask; why I am different? Why can't I be normal and ease my thinking as similar as the other people around me? Why can't I pursue architecture in a way, not too much struggle? Even I've struggled till death, the result still below the standard. "Look, your own friend almost ready to pursue her master, and you're still nowhere to be found and looking for your permanent job", curse you negative thought.

This is not to brag. This is curiousness which always strike me since I was a child. Since in Primary school. It could be some kindof blessing, at the same time; disaster.

Tried myself to figure out whichever stream fits my own personality. But it seems to hurt my loved ones. It's  either I live the life I didn't enjoy & satisfy people's expectation towards me... or live the life I've ever dreamt of & let go of their hopes towards me.

It's very. Complicated.

Yet it's not good to blame the destiny.
Asking "Why All of These Happening To Me" is something looks like, ungrateful.

Guess that I'll just follow the flow. Keep on moving. Do the best that I could & let Him decide for me. Not to think too much. "Anyway, architecture had taught you of many different perspective of life, met you up with many great personalities aite? I believe many more hikmah you can derive from this field inshaa Allah," said positive thought.

You can do this. Just do it.

A girl who always need self assurance & positive words.