Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excited To Start A New Chapter

Actually, i'm nervous. Everyone's maybe nervous. For those who are called batch '94. This is the stage where we must wait patiently to pursue our study on 27TH MARCH 2012. pheww~ i mean, for the foundation-to-be students. I really hope that i got chance to study at IIUM. That's my dream campus. Has real Islamic lifestyle, insyaAllah. I couldnt take it if i'm suddenly threw to other far away campus like UMS or  UNIMAS. I want to be near with my family, safe and soundly.

BUT, anything could happen. I felt like my mind is really unconscious. Over-thinking. I've ever heard someone said that, if we think too much, it'll cause harm to ourselves. Because of ? LONG CHIMERA. As mentioned in the hadith :

Al-Hasan al-Bashri berkata: Barang siapa ingin melebihkan dunia daripada akhirat, maka Allah akan berikan seksa kepadanya enam seksaan. Tiga di antaranya di dunia dan tiga lainnya pada akhirat :
# Adapun tiga di dunia ialah angan-angan yang tiada kesudahan, keinginan yang tiada batasnya dan hilangnya kemanisan ibadat. 
# Ada pun yang di akhirat ialah kebingungan yang hebat pada hari kiamat, hisab yang hebat dan kesedihan yang berpanjangan.

Chimera = angan-angan.

So, as an advice for myself, anyone who read this or anyone who never visit this link before, i hope we could help ourselves by shorten our chimeras. I'm maybe over-thinking, but I never knew how much daydreams I had before. Btw, i would like to present any of us which never see this pic :

The interpretation :

Kemudian baginda s.a.w. bersabda: "Garisan tengah ini adalah manusia, dan garisan empat segi ini adalah ajal mautnya yang manusia tidak dapat lari darinya. Garisan yang terkeluar dari kotak itu adalah angan-angan manusia yang lebih panjang dari kehidupannya. Garis-garis kecil di dalam kotak itu ialah kejadian dan ranjau-ranjau kehidupannya. Jika ia terlepas dari satu kejadian, maka kejadian yang lain pula akan memerangkapnya. Dan begitulah seterusnya." (Hadith Riwayat Bukhari).

Everytime my daydream started, this picture automatically existed in my mind. Feels lil' bit shivering. :| nauzubillah. Let us quit and reduce chimera, should us ? clap chest, ask appetite.

scratchscratch finished. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It reminds someone to someone

Many things could be made up to make people has strong memory of our existence in their life. One of the things is nickname. Yeah, this thing really gives great impact on someone who is called caliphs, slave, and dai'e. Moreover, if he or she is called ‘honey’ or ‘darling’ or ‘cayunkzz’ or something relates those things, it'll permanently remembered. Such a waste if it’s used for someone whom is not meant to be our life partner, not the one who is written with our name in the Luh Mahfouz, isn’t it ? Sorry for those who could feel the chilli or pepper or jalapenos sensation in this blog, for sure, you’ll regret it. So stop before it’s too late (reminder for me too :j) -ohh menyampah nye, direct gitu pulak dia . harharr :3

adapted from a comic

Sometimes, nickname could measure our relationship and social with other person. For example, I’m called ‘Jannah’ everywhere I am (except home). That’s my official nickname. But when someone calls me ‘jann’I don’t know why, but the truth is : I felt safe by the person’s side and it’s like 100 years ago I’ve known her/him even though I just knew her/him for few days. How magnificent, incredible, marvelous,  right ? (subhanallah c:) but it depends on situation also; if someone like nak menggedik aku x rase papepon. Khee~ :B


What's that ? This word never existed in dictionary nor encyclopedia. But nowadays, my friends in the internet (cyber friends la katakan. hihi) often call me by that name. First thing that comes into my mind, is this name benefit me ? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not wrong as long as there's no bad meanings behind that name. This name makes me closer to my cyber friends. :D 
For sure, jannah is the best name my mother had given. Subhanallah c:

Why I'm talking about myself ? Supposedly the readers must be priority , right ? haha, tahpape la. Ok stop. Importantly, we must be careful of what name we're giving to our mates or friends. As written in the Holy Quran,

Dan janganlah setengah kamu menyatakan keaiban setengahnya yang lain; dan janganlah pula kamu panggil-memanggil antara satu dengan yang lain dengan gelaran yang buruk. (Larangan-larangan tersebut menyebabkan orang yang melakukannya menjadi fasik, maka) amatlah buruknya sebutan nama fasik (kepada seseorang) sesudah dia beriman. Dan (ingatlah), sesiapa yang tidak bertaubat (daripada perbuatan fasiknya) maka merekalah orang-orang yang zalim.” 
[Maksud surah al-Hujurat, ayat 11]

This thing looks simple, but did we ever mention ?

“ Dan barangsiapa yang melakukan kebaikan walau sebesar zarah, maka tetap akan dihitung, dan barangsiapa yang melakukan kejahatan walau sebesar zarah, maka tetap akan dihitung”
(Surah Al-Zalzalah ayat 7-8)

My hands kinda shaking to copypaste this piece of surah because I'm one of the person which sometimes did 'lagha' things. nauzubillah. I'm like other person, but I'm trying my best to change myself, with hope that others did too. We'r one ummah, right guys ? :)

scratchscratch finished ! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friendship : what's the value ?

These fingers are too heavy to play with the keyboards for now ? maybe, bcoz it's been few days since I didn't think of updating this blog. I don't want to ask "who care?" or "don't u miss me?" haha. that's just a piece of rubbish (ehh?) haha, kidding. don't take it seriously ladies n gentlemen. :j

The seconds I've thinking of friendship. I could see different sides of friendship way, whether in facebook with the status or posts, in television with the drama titled BFF or kejarkejar pelangi, in pmg, and other media. Yes, we could see friendship anywhere coz it's a common title in our life. So why did I mention it now, not previous year, 10 years ago nor before I was bornt in this world ?? coz I just realized it, this year and need to tell you something super-important! (ceuuuaahhh takbole blah.)

Ever read this surah ? so read it now.

"....dan sahabat-sahabat(karib di dunia dahulu) pada hari itu(hari akhirat) saling bermusuhan antara satu sama lain melainkan orang-orang yang bertaqwa." (Az-Zukhruf: 67)

Could anyone see through this holy words like a telescope ? To know what's Allah Azza wa Jalla really wants us to know.. It's not that easy. If someone could really collaborate it, he/she would be taking it seriously by exploring the real meaning of the words, relate it with the idea for today's friendship issue and utilize it in their own way (by spreading his/her discovery about it) . okay, I didn't even know how to convey it -.-'' .

Friendship is not about we must always connect with our besties everyday by using fb nor handset.
It's about connecting them in our pray, pray for their goodness.

Friendship is also not about getting fun experiences with them at Genting, Sunway Lagoon, Midvalley or what.
It's about reminding them about the mistakes that could lead them to destruction.

Friendship is not about saving ourselves from poor life, boredness nor sadness.
It's about bringing our friends to the ad-Din (the right way of life) which would lead us together to His heaven.

I like this hadith. how bout u ?

“Setiap hamba muslim yang mendoakan saudaranya tanpa pengetahuannya pasti akan didoakan malaikat dengan berkata: Engkau juga akan mendapat seumpamanya”
(HR Muslim)

Subhanallah. How wonderful ukhuwwah if it's built that way. Hope all of us know what's the real friendship value. 

Scratchscratch finished. c:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

An awesome program :)

From the last Friday until yesterday, i've attended a program which is called "Perkampungan Menara Gading". It was held in German-Malaysian Institute, Bangi. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me the most precious moment while I'm waiting for the SPM result another 13 days! (ohhmaii -.-) . I didn't expect this this activity would be this awesome. Glad that we had many superb tutors and fabulous participants. Yet they're too cool to me. oh yeah. jazakhallah khairan kasiran kakjah n haziqah for joining this program together as our part of friendship memoir. :)

The facilitators there are really entertaining + full of dedications. There were some brothers  and sisters which were unforgettable such as Sis Syaza, Sis Shima, Sis Amal, Bro Umar, Bro syeikh, Bro K, also my own great tutor, Bro Wan. (kembang dh dia :j) . I met some awesome friends too . they're many but frankly I tell ya, I would never forget all of you. UPSI group member: Syeira, Syahira, Raihan, Azira, Amira, Aqila, Asyraf n Amiroul. You guys are really helpful, friendly and had made up a nice group cooperation. And the hamper as our victory..... mesti korang dah bantai habes kan? hakhakhak, salah saya gak sebab awal sangat balik. lagi2 takdapat begambar ngan korang. Sangat sedih. So sorry guys. My mum had waited me for 2hours outside the hall. So, that time, guilty really overwhelmed me. :'(

This program motivates me well. I like the Caca-Ca (Cakapcakap campus)-ade kak dila n kak ayu yg sangat comel!, Explorace, LDK, and the best one is "Menyelusuri Suatu Pencarian". The lecturer(tak ingat nama -.-) told us about the uniqueness of life from different perspective of world which people rarely realize. For example, Mark Zuckerberg (ahh. dia lagi?) He's major in psychology and he used it for others to release their psychology by creating Facebook. Who knows how? Only excellent thinkers would know :j.  Life is not about "I wanna be an architect, and I WILL be an architect". It is about "I wanna achieve excellence whether to be an architect or psychologist or other career that Allah will give which is better than what what I think, then it'll give benefits to others". Again, the most important one is usaha, doa and tawakkal. (that's a common words but have high value!) Always remember, that we must become a value creator, not a person who used to be in a 'pandemic life'.

Along this PMG too, I could feel the warm Islamic condition. Alhamdulillah. Everyone were really kind and although I could see some arrogant face at last I discovered that they had decent hearts. ( I told ya, husnuzon really takes part in a situation like this). blublublub ! (ehh what the peanut -.-)

I also didn't expect that I would give a talk in the "Sidang Pleno".  Like a tah ape2 je aku cakap masa tu =_=. But also feel a lil' bit relief to fight back what the famous boy said about languanges in studying. (ehh ngumpat ke tu?) lantak :j

Owh no! There're still many things to be shared and scratched here as a part of memoir. But it's too long. it's ok , it's alrite (ehh mcm kenal ayat ni :j) kan kan kan. haha.

I was exposed about PEPIAS. This organisation really caught my interest. And when Bro Wan talked about it, I was like " wahh wahh! " (eh melebih pulak) . InsyaAllah. One day I would like to join a jemaah like this when I've stepped into a menara gading :)

Lastly, this song had give me a deep conversation to myself. let's hear some..

ok that's all for now. scratchscratch finished! :)