Sunday, December 16, 2018

There I Was Again Tonight

Know what? It's 'Winter' in Malaysia, and everyday is raining '''''''''''';''''''''''''

Can't believe it's almost the end of 2018. I still remember the first time I was in the peak of my hobby as a blogger, after spm which was 2011. After 7 years and here I am, posting for only once to twice for a year. haha!

And it's good that lately, I watched some movies that motivates me to start writing again. Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijk, Gatsby, The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, How to Get Over A Breakup. Those are the movies that I chose randomly except the third one. All are highlighting one point; WRITE! Coincidentally...or a sign? Wallahualam. And I hope, these are good signs for me to continue my university journey next year. Or years to come, Inshaa Allah. :3

Being in an existential crisis phase somehow drawn my energy when actually this young physical body should be utilized effectively and this is the best time to search my true potential. Feeling useless all the time aint good tho. It hurts so much to not knowing the things that we really good at; in order to use it for benefiting people around us. And it feels dead inside to just doing the same routine daily only to survive and not achieving something exceptional; at least for our own satisfaction.

I hope someday I could do something that could make me feel reallyyyy happy and worth of living. Even if it costs nothing in return but genuine happiness :')

Well, for the sake of 'Count My Blessings', I should congratulate myself for landing a comfort job; so far. 2 years of living as a working adult sure had taught me on being patient for the Rizq Allah had bestowed upon each of His creations, according to His Time. I used to had such a messy life in 2017, and things get better day by day, Alhamdulillah Ala Kulli Hal. Thought it feels like the progress for this year was kinda slow, I am still moving forward for sure. There are plannings for next year that makes my anxiety level uprising hahaha but dear, I need to control it and continuously making myself as 'busy' as i could. No overthinking jannah, keep cool okay! Yosh.

My english is tungganglanggang but who cares, it feels so good to write in English sebab kalau in malay kadang tak reti nak express those subtle points hahah so khalassssss. Monday had arrived! :8