Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stalking is wasting .

Generally, people would easily get mesmerized when they saw "happy-ever-after" pictures of someone they know. Thus will also leads to jealousy and sometimes their heart would whisper "i have it better than you" then they'll also take a better picture of themselves rather than the person whom they saw on the "h-e-a" pictures.

Do you get it? I guess i'm not so good in conveying information in English, but i'm trying my best to make it in English! inshaa Allah :)

Nowadays i'm getting influenced in stalking others' profile. i'm getting interested to know their storyline. FRANKLY. And ohhh it makes me feels SO bad. Because i'm not being me. The more i know bout them, the more i'm trying to have things more than they already had. This means what? UNGRATEFUL. 

In Malay idioms, they call it 'Jaga tepi kain orang' . Ehh am i right? I guess the meaning is kinda similar. But i hate it. I want to stop it.

It is something good if we want to know a person in detail, in order to help her if she got any problem. But if they have uncertain vision on that, isn't it something wasteful? waste time, waste GB, and also waste brain energy to think of something which has no affair with us. Such a waste.

See how much 'waste' that i've typed there? The conclusion is: stalking is wasting. It's better for us to focus on ourselves rather others to ensure our own excellence. *in some cases* sometimes focusing on others is better, it shows how much we concern on our friends. But not too much till it brings contretemps to us :O *oops* 

Sorry for this so-amatured-english. Scratchscratch finished! c: