Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friendship : what's the value ?

These fingers are too heavy to play with the keyboards for now ? maybe, bcoz it's been few days since I didn't think of updating this blog. I don't want to ask "who care?" or "don't u miss me?" haha. that's just a piece of rubbish (ehh?) haha, kidding. don't take it seriously ladies n gentlemen. :j

The seconds I've thinking of friendship. I could see different sides of friendship way, whether in facebook with the status or posts, in television with the drama titled BFF or kejarkejar pelangi, in pmg, and other media. Yes, we could see friendship anywhere coz it's a common title in our life. So why did I mention it now, not previous year, 10 years ago nor before I was bornt in this world ?? coz I just realized it, this year and need to tell you something super-important! (ceuuuaahhh takbole blah.)

Ever read this surah ? so read it now.

"....dan sahabat-sahabat(karib di dunia dahulu) pada hari itu(hari akhirat) saling bermusuhan antara satu sama lain melainkan orang-orang yang bertaqwa." (Az-Zukhruf: 67)

Could anyone see through this holy words like a telescope ? To know what's Allah Azza wa Jalla really wants us to know.. It's not that easy. If someone could really collaborate it, he/she would be taking it seriously by exploring the real meaning of the words, relate it with the idea for today's friendship issue and utilize it in their own way (by spreading his/her discovery about it) . okay, I didn't even know how to convey it -.-'' .

Friendship is not about we must always connect with our besties everyday by using fb nor handset.
It's about connecting them in our pray, pray for their goodness.

Friendship is also not about getting fun experiences with them at Genting, Sunway Lagoon, Midvalley or what.
It's about reminding them about the mistakes that could lead them to destruction.

Friendship is not about saving ourselves from poor life, boredness nor sadness.
It's about bringing our friends to the ad-Din (the right way of life) which would lead us together to His heaven.

I like this hadith. how bout u ?

“Setiap hamba muslim yang mendoakan saudaranya tanpa pengetahuannya pasti akan didoakan malaikat dengan berkata: Engkau juga akan mendapat seumpamanya”
(HR Muslim)

Subhanallah. How wonderful ukhuwwah if it's built that way. Hope all of us know what's the real friendship value. 

Scratchscratch finished. c:


Faiq Aiman said...

Ukhuwah Fillah, Mahabbah Lillah :)

hafsahzareen said...

JANNAH. sy suka hadis tu!! :D

n.jannah said...

kbetulan post faiq hmpir sma dgn sy. hmm. hafsah! sy sgt suke hadis tu. subhanallah :)

When Atim Thinks said...

salam alaik jannah :)
a friend in need is a friend indeed..
suka tgok blog jannah sgt cute n friendly,the content too r interesting..keep on blogging my friend :D insyaAllah benda yg baik kita kongsi sama2 ;)

n.jannah said...

insyaAllah atim. sharing is caring. jazakhallah khairan atas smgt yg dberi c: