Sunday, January 8, 2017

She was tired.

She had been into games, 
which involved her heart. 


She was thankful,
for all those memories and affection of
the few people whom had,
made her feel appreciated
and then, it disappeared, suddenly.
where all the things changed drastically.

Only portion of them stays
till present.


Some of the gentlemen
tried to enter her heart
asking for the 'so called serious relationship'
Eventually being turned down
Because she got the early instinct
of being frustrated
and the best way to keep her heart
from heartache 
is only,
to be honest & bold.

She was tired.
Indeed, she was so scared,
to give her heart 
to the wrong person
It's better for her to keep it herself,
and ask her Lord to ensure calmness in eternity.

She won't let people easily play with her soul
Ever again.
Because her dreams are just too big
to think of the small things around. 

She will be stronger 
Day by day,
Inshaa Allah.