Sunday, August 25, 2013

Long gone for awhile .

assalamualaikum and ohaiyo blogger fellas.

woo. it's been a very long time since i made an entry. almost two months. yet i'm missing the moments when i had many thoughts to be shared in le blog and flew to some of my friends' awesome entries.
and i want to revive the mood again.

the moment is just around the corner. i'm about to register to international islamic university for another two weeks. somehow i feel down. knowing that my time to have proper sleeps is up! i might have a true panda eyes next month :p but somehow i feel happy. because i could proceed on becoming an active student, ready to go to the war field, walking here and there, having less weight (ahaks) and have nice silaturrahim relationship with beloved friends. i just can't wait. :)

by the way, so sad to look at the mujahideens  in syria, palestin, egypt and also other islam societies which are now having such deadly challenges. i'm upset that i could only see them in the facebook timeline and can do nothing but pray. thus i'm thinking that i just do nothing. i think that i have zero challenge in my life compared to their life. Allahuakbar. only Allah can decide it, not me. i must be calm then. calm and keep pray. the justice will be revealed soon, inshaa Allah!