Tuesday, October 30, 2012

don't ever ever put yourself on that

assalamualaikum bloggers! specially for those "fake users" whose promoting advertisements on my blog. *ehh* may Allah bless all of you.

alhamdulillah, i got strength to type another post for anyone who want to read it. it's been one week since i've finished my final sem exam, and now i'm in holiday! suddenly my heart beats for this. my lovely dovely blog :3

nowadays, i brace myself to wear shawl. and after a while i've really been attracted to wear more of it! because it's simple. and i've made it to comfort the wearing of shawl. :)

and owh! i aint talking bout this. i really want to share my thought about this. something which we addicted to nowadays. guess what?

photo editing
boyfriend *ehh?*

okay those are just examples of things that might be addiction to the new generation of teenagers. once, i had been addicted to some of the above. i mean, sometimes i tweet a lot, the other day i fb-ing a lot. glad that i have no boyfriend *hihiu* so i need not worry or think about the boring boys stuffs *ehh*

so..... i bet some of you have the same prob as me. i always search for solutions so i can overcome any of the addiction to anything. as we know, when we addicted to something, we would spend majority of our pastimes on that thing. ONLY. Don't you thing that is something waste?? i do. and also, we will be a REALLY UNPRODUCTIVE people. unproductive in the term of using time. supposedly, in one day, we should have time to go for an exercise, reading books, learning new things, help our mother doing house chores, and other beneficial thing.

BUT what happen now is, most of the teenagers just sit on the chair/lay lazily on the bed while looking at the one and only screen. that screen could be laptop, tabs or the most recent one is the smartphone. :B

therefore, what should we do? there are many ways. we can think it ourselves. 

in short, it's up to each individual whether to surrender him/herself to technology OR to widen his/her perspective on the things living around him/her. i'm still on the gate *oops* but surely, i'm on my way to a better-life-with-less-internetcommunication . inshaa Allah, please pray for me and all other people who wants to change. :')

don't misunderstood! it's not something wrong to tweeting or using fb. just need to lessen the usage of things that we addicted so that we can balance all the things in our life. *except good deeds like performing ibadah* . all the best. :)

scratchscratch and finished! thank you for giving your 3minutes on this. c: