Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Graduated. So...?

When I was in my final semester, I felt very impatient to finish it all. I thought After finishing all this academic stuffs, I'll be as happy as heyyyl. haha. 
But nah. Its the same old feeling but even better. At least right now, no feeling of serabut to think of projects to be done, at least. Alhamdulillah for that, and of course i wrote all these stuffs at the first point of my topic to revive those feelings of wanting to finish study fast ! haha *dasar tak eklas belajiaq* uhumm. its not that i totally not having passion in this field, just that.. idk. 
I might not so into all the construction & structure thingys, but eventually, these 3 years had taught me of too much things. All the hi & low only Allah knows.

KAED. Beautiful aite? hiuhiu.
Yeah, it's time for me to move onto the new kindof life pattern. surely i'll have more challenges awaiting and surely i'll have the least probability to type on this blog again.

For this kesempatan, I would like to wish All The Best to all of my friends who are now in their final days in university and going towards position of postgraduates. Make sure to arrange our life aims nicely so we won't regret later ! This is my best #selfiereminder these days teehee. 

Bismillahi tawakkal tu alAllah.