Monday, February 11, 2013

Sebiru Hari itu. PMG13 go go go !

Alhamdulilah i've finished my big task as a committee in a program called "Perkampungan Menara Gading 13" in 4 days period, which was from 8 to 11th August 2013. to me , this was a big victory because it was my first time being the committee of Special Task Bureau in this special program. hikhik :3

This event is specifically for the SPM leavers. i've joined it last year as a participant but this year, i've managed to be one of the line up committee ! thanks to Bro Hazwan for persuading me attending  this big magnificent event *k saja nk buat dia kembang* ^^
fyi, he was my fasi for the last PMG and now he had deal himself as the director of this event.
unbelievable kan? hukhukhuk ~ :p

me farikha n marwah :)
frankly i was reckless to join this PMG even on the days of the event. i was thinking a lot about my so called important assignment that was left behind because once you're busy handling an event then there will be less time to focus on academics. unless, u're a good time manager and being very positive.

since it is the early weeks of this last semester in cfs iium *inshaa Allah* i was trying to join any of the program under Pepias. alhamdulillah so far so good, even though i was a lil bit worry bout those drawing thingy; every time i've finished handling an event, i can balance my academic and even though i'm not an excellent student, i know that i've tried my best to be a 'hamba, khalifah and dai'e'.

"if you help His religion, He will help you"

a miracle word that always remind me to be patient in facing any problems during anything i'm doing, whether studying or doing something for the society.

kak dhila's talk

some people have skeptical thinking on these kind of things that we're doing. i mean, aktiviti berjemaah. well to me, it's not wrong as long as we're doing it in a moderate way. 
it's a fard al-kifayah isn't it? if no one want to be responsible on getting this work done, then each of the people will be punished. haa pelajaran tahun satu, semua org pun dah tahu. k.

okay. i'm so satisfy with this alhamdulillah. may Allah ease my Graphic Communication project that must be submitted next next day. :')

pmg go go go! 

selamat tahun baru chinese everibadih. lai lai amik oren satu~ *iklan semata*