Sunday, April 29, 2012

Graduation Day 2012 !

That saturday, 28th April 2012 a.k.a bersih 3.0 day. That was a really awesome day i've ever had for this month. and also the last day of our gathering together. i love my own batch, 0711 KUSESS. will never forget all of you :')

when i went to the school, i had opportunity of meeting my juniors, exdormmates and also lovely dovely teachers :3. mostly my friends ! i met kak jah n syera razak, the friend that i missed the most! and also other friends, we laughed, we hugged and play together. can't forget how happy they we're. :D when i had chance to shake hands and hug my teachers, felt so happy and relief! mostly when i'm with bonda hajah rosminah,, i felt truly sad and wanna cry. she had been 3 years being my principle since i was form 1 in SMESH. ohh bonda, thanx soo much!

Fyi, those who got straight A's for spm, they got banner of their faces (can be brought home) and hundreds of ringgits. untunglaa. ahaa, i missed that only one A, but its ok. a lil bit sad there but maybe Allah got something better for me next time? insyaAllah ^.^ i'm very grateful anyway .

mama, kaksu, me
my left: syera razak, my right: mamat kecoh, at front: nishalynda n ika lan,  behind: nashreen n zur

we are!

happy graduated  faces :)
me, shuu, famira, ayong and shuu's mom

after finished packing back, i met as much as i could, all the friends and say farewell to them. they'll be someone someday, so i pray that they'll be successful in their future. as i was in the car, otw to home, felt very sad, to think that this would be the last time we gather in this number. that kind of aura, when we shouted kusess cheer together for bonda when she was taking the anugerah mantan pengetua, that was the most precious one! idk how to express, but its awesome! hee.

ok, im really in rush, that's y my english hav many broken and also the words are not tidily arranged. all i can say is, good luck my friends ! we hav a long journey after this, may Allah bless :)

*today is amin azmi's birthday. take note guys! :)*

scratchscratch finished! c:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

KinderGarden !

assalamualaikum u alls!

i just finished my graduation day in Kuala Selangor Science Secondary School a.k.a. KUSESS. A bright day, alhamdulillah, yet also the sad one. But i ain't talking about this graduation day, that post i'll separate from this one, which is : Children Ribena Days ! haha.

See, how cute they are! These two are kanak kanak ribena. danish n fathia. but fathia was not one of the kindergaden kids. so she went to here seldomly.
By the way, i want to say that i just retired from this awesome job. some will like to be like me, which is to take care of these cute children. but they dont have mind on how tough this work is; to mop up the children's vomiting wastes, clean up the smelly butt and also avoid them form quarreling with each other. =_=" but sometimes it's a very pleasure one to see their cute faces :3

It's been 2 months. the first day was a worst one because these kids liked to make a "mental tests" on every teacher that was newly involved in this place. so, they do things like climbing the gates, didn't listen to my advice and so on. Felt annoyed and disrespected also. I made up my mind to be patient and tried my best to husnuzon :') .

The last week of my working days was accompanied by kak fatin. She had experienced on taking care of these children since last year. so i felt very happy and easier when we worked together. moreover, she was a havoc and sporting one! weewoo kak fatin! thanx ^.^

And now, i'm gonna spend my time on doing the undone things that should be done 3 months ago. need to improve my skills on english and sketching! haha, semangat kan. bese la tu jannah -.-". okay, all the best for our next chapter of life. jihad fi sabilillah! insyaAllah :)

blurr ke posing tuh -.-"

tgok tu, kemain lg pngaruh 1malaysia. tssk.

comei je tgok "adik n alquran" si nana ni :3
*today is bersih 3.0 day and dino's buffdey. take note*

scratchscratch finished! alhamdulillah c:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A sudden seen vid

this is a really touching video. it makes the tears flow heavily. how sweet and romantic a person like 'him'. pray that this type of man would be our husband-to-be dear muslimah :')

Sunday, April 22, 2012

facebook deactivated. so what.

This is to explain what situation i have now. this is to give clear reasons why i choose to do such thing.

What so big thing bout this deactivate whatsoever? not a big thing thou. some will say "yess! she's gone from here!" some will cry coz they cant stalk the profile anymore (ehh adeke.perasan je), either they wont realize anything bout what i've done lately (this group of people r many).

Then when i say : "guys i deactivated it last night", they were like "whatt??how dare youu??" bhaahaa. over pulak.

So this is the reason for the questions TELL ME WHY :

- that facebook, it is wasting my time. 
- i always used it.
- i overused it.
- so i deleted it.
- to not use it.

That's it. my time sure has gone easily when i opened it each time. now i have only one month as a preparation to a university. my only time to decide my future. my only time to enjoy with family. when i opened the tablet just to sign into fb acc, i just lose my time to improve my english, know about world issues and also having a blithesome moments with my family. i'm like frog under vase! :0

there are much more things to do other than using fb. other useful and beneficial sites. yes, fb has many goodness, but the badness is more than goodness. maybe other will say "gune je lah cam bese, asal kau guna secara sederhana". blablabla. i've tried it but no use. it's still not working, so i made my own decision to "kill" it.

BUT actually i miss it. i miss my cyber friends there, i miss the young_ARCHITECT group, i miss to see those doodle dakwah thingy. :'(

its ok, nothing matter much. insyaAllah, i'll reactivate it back one month later. maybe a week later? hew hew hew hew hew.

scratchscratch finished! c:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't Look !

Greetings and good night i wish to all bloggers and stalkers. tonight, i have a not-so-cool topic which is...


What the heww with that?
Let's see a story from a girl named Jane. (not me)
I was walking with joy one day, that time I was a sale assistance in Cosway Bandar Tasik Puteri. I went to a tavern (drinking shop) to buy a tiramisu bubble tea (yummy yummy!) . Few steps before the feet reach the tavern, i was greeted by a man's voice. As i turned back, i saw two young men, riding on their motorbike and each of them wearing kopiah. They're young, and seemed that they just finished their activity in the Musolla. I was like "Wow! so calm to see them. Do they have Nur on their faces?" They're looking at me and one of them was smiling. I just realized that i blocked their pass-way. So that time i was TOTALLY GET RED IN THE FACE for that few seconds moment. Slap on my face for being in chimera while walking. -.-"

This is how weak a woman or a girl is. Including me. It was really hard for me to lower my gaze, as I was not used to. But i must. Everyone must. It's difficult for the newbie, but we must always try as much as we can, aren't we? I really uneasy with this title, but at least this would be one of my reminder. insyaAllah. 

It was narrated that Jarir ibn `Abdullah said: “I asked the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) about an accidental glance, and he commanded me to avert my gaze.” (Muslim) Imam An-Nawawi said: "What is meant by an “accidental glance” is when a person’s glance unintentionally falls upon a non-mahram woman. There is no sin on him for the first glance, but he must avert his gaze immediately. If he averts his gaze immediately there is no sin on him, but if he continues looking, then he will be a sinner, because of this hadith, for the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) commanded him to avert his gaze, and Allah says: “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts)” 
(An-Nur: 30)

Lower our gaze is better than looking at the handsome, cute, charming guys. Yeah, true that. But nature of world which people like to see at the beautiful things or human is inevitable. So, depends on each of us whether to proceed our previous lifestyle or to change for ALLAH. I may do this or may not, I'm hoping for a change coz i already have many sins to be reduced. Only He knows. Wallahu'alam. 

O self. please change for Allah, Rasulullah s.a.w., and your husband-to-be.