Saturday, April 1, 2017

Big Girls Don't Cry

First of all, I'm gonna have to congratulate myself for having such a strong heart to work in a furniture company for, the whole these two months! Alhamdulillah, I am indeed, can't believe that I've been this far, even if the journey is so much further in the future.
I was merely quitting this job after two weeks *this is serious tho* but my second thought makes me continue up till now. It was ilham from The Most Almighty and i am indeed so thankful.

And actually, I am having this mood of blogging, just because of these brand new mouse & keyboard i just bought, mehihi ! most importantly, it is a very satisfying feelings of buying my own favorite things without the need of asking others to buy it for me.

Shifting into a new way of lifestyle sure makes me feel confuse somehow. Most of the things in my life seems to be decided by my own self...because I am now, an adult. It's happiness tho tohave such a freedom, which had been craved since my childhood life, but know what? The responsibilities increase, so drastically. I started to think on the plannings for my life, be it the monthly expenditure, where to settle, how long could I survive being in one place to another. All by myself.

Yeah, maybe that because of I'm too spoiled before, i feel as if all these things are too tough for me. Maybe. Tak pernah merasa susah lah katakan.

Some of the times I felt as if this is not right, that should not be done. But life must goes on.
Still long way to go, and I need to persistently improve in order to fulfill my parents wish, "To build their dream house." And to be a successful human being fiddunya wal akhirah. Ameen ameen >_<

May Allah ease everything for Nurul Jannah! yoshhhhh!

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