Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Alhamdulillah my praise to Allah, because He made me alive for 20 years. and still given chance to repent and gather deeds as preparation for the akhirah inshaa Allah.

Life is just like between azan and iqamah. we never realize how short it is till we really get the feeling of having God by our side (rasa berTuhan) . The real thing is, most of us are unintentionally putting world first before God *nauzubillah*, just because we're too focusing on worldly life.

I must always remember this. Everything is handled by Allah. so i must use all of my effort and after done doing something, leave it to Allah. Just like the quote, "We do the best, let Allah keep the rest".

As my 20th-years-living-in-this-world-Resolution, i must be someone better. i must make difference. i must aim higher. i must ! and may Allah ease.

Friends, as we're taking steps towards second semester, and if u see me kinda different from what i was in semester 1.. i just want you guys to get used to it. don't be freak by it. i'm just feeling dumb of my past self.

okay that's all. i'm not professional in using pretty words. and anyone read this, i want to ask for forgiveness if i ever hurt or annoyed you. :')

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