Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tajdid niat wahai diri.

For about few months past so quickly, Alhamdulillah i got a chance to participate in a Talk Session "Membina Generasi Ammar". nowadays Malaysia had been in such phenomenon involving a very pious boy named Ammar. he was a year above me and lived just around where i live. and yes, after seeing those videos, it touched my heart and makes me wanna know more about his own idol who was once a Muslim scholar; Badiuzzaman Said Nursi. Besides, i feel very blessed that Allah had shown the significant meaning for ummah in Malaysia to 'wake up' from this worldly life and be a useful khalifah on this land of Allah. may Allah ease us to.

Knowing about his life story really makes me feel like "hey, actually i can be like that too". yeah of course we can take the very best example of human being, our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to guide us becoming a better muslim, but sometimes, a human is more prone to assume something will possibly happen only when this one people of his nation can make it. hmm let me clear what im saying, 

"Alahh tu mat saleh yg buat, bole la cakap. klau org melayu takde maknenyelah...."

how to say,, the real thing is most of us.. i mean US, are always being pessimistic about doing something unique. something that people never thinking of. in this context i'm stressed on MOST not ALL. this opinion is based on the scholar talk sessions that i joined before, where i acknowledge that..yeah we are always being pessimistic even tho in fact, we can do better than any of the so-called advanced nation. 

So the basic thing we need to focus on is to Tajdid our intention. 
Each of us should think of studying in schools, in universities, 
to improve the ummah. 
To help the ummah. 
To get back the right of our beloved religion Islam!
 and most of all, to get the pleasure of Allah. 

and ohh self. do remember this again and again. if you feel weak, remember, the ummah needs you. don't ever give up on how much tough this course u're studying might be. if u feel hard, there's other people harder than you.

Bear in mind. itsumo. always.

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