Wednesday, June 26, 2013

jaw dropping

The finest day to be in a such dramatic situation was today. it was a nice cool afternoon *currently living in a place with 'pembenihan awan' process*. while busy treating other bebudaks manja, suddenly one of the boys shouted, "Teacher, he's bleeding!" Syadee, 7year old boy was punched only once by a 5 year old boy, and subhanallah, am i watching drama or is this a real thing ? blood was spreading around le nursery, mostly in the bathroom. his nose was totally bleeding and it could not stop! i was tremendously startled and panic like a heaven. eventually the 'little-hero-boy' who punched his member, i have no idea but to be an angry teacher. mahmahmah unfortunately, even though i really hate to scold le naive children. i must.

one of the influence: anime??? haha.
i was mad at the moment, thinking of how this boy is raised. he's a pre-tahfiz pupil, but where's the flaw that his family didn't notice? of course this gullible simple minded boy is not to be blamed, but his parents or siblings.

thusssss. deep in my heart i was actually thinking of what my children would be someday. afraid that they would be like this little boy, as the consequence of busy working and focusing on family financial only. dengg, that's just so pathetic. there's nothing worth but to have soleh and solehah children :'/

am i thinking too far? haha isn't it the right time to think about this matter anyway. another few years i might get married. *joking* to be frank i'm not ready. i'm still a small girl. kekeke.


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