Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ikhtilaf itu indah jika

lately i was thinking of this. which is ikhtilaf a.k.a perbezaan pendapat. or mutual counselling maybe? yeah that's that.

i lived 19 years long and alhamdulillah through these black and white sides that i went, i was unconsciously evaluating each of my friends and members and all around me.

guess what? i was mesmerized with this one type of person seldomly. FIRSTLY, this is not considered as backbiting because i'm not mentioning the name~ *so glad huuu* and SECONDLY i'm not quarreling with anyone recently, inspiring me to make this post. not at all. it's just a glance of my thought that had been millions years musty in this untranslated memory. *pepandai la paham*

try to fathom this:

i was telling about 'A' and the people say that 'A' is ok but u should try 'B'. i was clarifying 'C' and the people say that 'B' is great, but you should approach this 'D' thingy, it's better. in other case, i was conveying this 'A solution' but that people ask me back, what will happen to blablabla if we use A' ? 

hmm if you read it in a rush, you'll never get what i meant. this thing sometimes absurd because most of our opinions always have their own opponent, as if we're always the one to be blame (for thinking of the bad solutions?) hurtful isn't it. and most of this thing happen because of someone who thinks that he/she has a better and excellent ideas rather than anyone else. as if they're the only mr./mrs.i-know-everything, and "hey, u should follow my brilliant thinking!" daaaaa.

yes, i admit that some of these people are really awesome and unique by the way they express ideas, even nobody would ever think of what they think. they had been endowed with such a bright brains that each of their points in arguing facts makes sense, people would consider them as a picture perfect person. this is the goodness. i can accept their smart ideas. but when their style of language deliberately denote their cleverness,

I'm sorry. thank you.

pendapat manusia sntiasa brlainan sbgaimana pndapat kucing dgn itik . satu bermeow, satu berquekk.

please don't get me wrong. i'm not the type of person like these people which are fast thinkers. i salute all of them. they always help when i needed. but sometimes i got this uncomfortable feelings by the way they're communicating. i tried to husnuzon, but all that i get is this noticeable manner. arrogant maybe? 

just that... don't ever think that we're better (even 0.1cm) than other person when conveying something important, like knowledge. that's just the award that Allah bestowed upon us. which is TEMPORARY.

ikhtilaf itu indah jika....(continue this sentence in about 100 words)

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