Thursday, June 27, 2013

each person with their different styles.

don't know why this keep happen to me.
feels guilty with no reason.
i think that i didn't do anything wrong like hurting other people *guess so...* 
which is the least thing i can do to comfort people around me *inshaa Allah*
but the feelings keep crawling towards this weak fragile heart.
maybe it's the verdict of all the unconscious sins that i had done?
serves me right then.

anyway, i just realized that there are some words that makes me feel insecure.
the words keep shackle and urge me to do something out of my will.
maybe this just one of the things that makes me feel guilty other than those past sins,
keep telling me to do something ridiculous.

don't push others if they can't, if they have valid reasons for not proceeding your style.
each person have their own unique styles which we never knew 
how their effort would affect others.
don't insist them to do something that you already used to
because only Allah have the Power to give Hidayah.
you can just recommend, not demand.

because each and every of us, Allah had bestowed our own, special style,
whether by words, gestures and attitudes,
to bring someone closer to Him.
which is through da'wah.

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