Monday, May 27, 2013

sem break!

Actually i had already started my semester break a week ago. yet i was just hanging around relaxing, doing nothing? such a waste of time thou. yes i admitted that i wasted my time for a week. to make it a lil-bit-not-guilty i would just say that i just having a week of a REAL BREAK. nahhh :v

Lately, many things came up to my mind. i had thinking of several things to be done during this precious 3 month of holidays. i must plan it wisely in order to spend my time productively. other than that, i don't wanna let myself having a chance to say an unwanted word; which is BORING.

Here is the List to be done:

 continue crocheting arts.
 improve English (MUET on July!)
exploring some computer programmer (Google Sketchup. and autoCAD maybe) 
 proceed Project 5
 reading those books that i had bought by using le BR1M
 trying to re-memorize the Quranic ayah (which had been memorized during my study)
 seeking money maybe?

well. easily to be said than done? u can say that. i'm listing those things just in case if i'm about to forgot. i might not doing one or two of those things but at least i'm making a vision of stuffs to do on hols. at least. ._____.

yeah this is it. i had waited for a long time after those tiring semester III in cfs iium!

so friends, let's spend our time wisely coz it is limited :0


twinkle twinkle said...

selamat bercuti jannah :)

n.jannah said...

ok aten. doakan sy tak bazir masa :')