Monday, May 20, 2013

cfs iiu ? haha.

i could see many of my friends did that. they're promoting things happened in their own campus. and i'm gonna tell you a bit about cfs iium. ahats.

alhamdulillah, i almost finish my foundation here, taking the architecture and environmental design course. tomorrow will be the portfolio day *the judgment whether i'm valid to proceed archie or not* and i felt nothing. because? all i have to do is just to put those projects on table :v haha no lah. i'm just redha for what will happen tomorrow. 

so, what's the big deal of livin in the hostel here? the most famous story here is about pakguard makguard saman and allowances. you must be used to it. and then panas. my room was at mahallah khadijah at block C level 5, and most of the night u will face the heat like a sauna....

that's not mean that i'm ungrateful, im just telling the truth. i'm very glad that my life here is way better than when i lived in smesh because i've never experience water disruption here :3 

so people, how much heat u'll feel, how much difficulties u'll face, just be thankful that u still have a place to sleep, bath and eat, in order to ease ur study there. :)

the best part about cfs iium is when there are ustaz ustazah, artists and some famous motivator come here to give some talks. i also enjoyed some programs held by club societies such as PEPIAS, DAURAH, IDEA and etc etc. you should take a chance to enhance ur quality of time here, instead of just doing assignments, watching movies and sleep only .___.

the most important thing is, be glad. be glad that you're here. be glad that you're having tarbiyah environment around you eventhough the implementation is quite LACK. be glad that you're having rules to avoid u from going ASTRAY. i really meant it juniors.

all the best for the student-to-be cfs iium. this phase is nothing compared to degree, but you must try your best to succeed. because all we do is Lillahi Ta'ala. right ? :)

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