Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can't forget it.

That incident happened on last Monday. a day before my last day in cfs iiu. i just can't forget the incident eventhough i never see it through my own eyes. and the victim, i never knew him.

20th May 2013 was my big bro's birthday. i was excited when tweeting around with my sisters, 'gossiping' about le brother. i also realized that there are also many other people's birthday.

that morning all of sudden i had a feeling to open my skype account. then i've greeted one of my friends who's now studying oversea. she's my neighbour. in no time she said that a friend of hers died on his birthday. by car accident. he was one of our neighbours too. i was startled at the moment.

no wonder that moment i saw many tweets about someone's death at the timeline. it was the same people.

pasUM's student. on my brother's birthday. a neighbour. he is very near, even i've never met him before.
i don't know why, why in the world i cried for the people i've never seen before. maybe because he is a peer to me? maybe. i could see that he is one of the pious people. just by seeing at the facebook.

may Allah ease his business in the afterlife. he had given a really big impact on each of us who had born the same year as him. and for us, may all of us always remember that "mati tak kenal usia".

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