Sunday, April 21, 2013

Up till now ? watthe.

i have this sound in my mind. it kept talking to me and that's why i must blurt it out in this not-so-formal essay. derhh haha.

lately, i realized that some of my friends still feel that they're awesome by the label "SBP exstudent". not sbp only, we can also see from some of the ex-mrsm or some other elite + famous schools. not to condemn, but i, as the ordinary person, want to remind myself and others too. i can't deny that sometimes i also have thought like this ==> "i'm from sbp yeahh" and it's normal thou. yet i'm trying my best to avoid that damnable feeling.


maybe we got some of the qualities rather than those whom studying at ordinary schools a.k.a sekolah harian biasa, but haven't we forget that Allah had already remind us this ?

the real thing is, sometimes i can see the difference between those who had studied in an sbp or not because i can see it through their self management. good then. but sometimes i can see that there's no difference between them because, we are all the same. not all sbp students are good and not all are bad. same goes to the ordinary high schools.

the freaking thing is , ada pulak yg berkira, "aku naaak jugak kawen ngan budk sbp" . phewww what's so good about that? like some of the keturunan nabi yg ada syed/sharifah gelarannya, tak prefer pulak kawen dgn org yg takde gelaran tu. pfft. wake up.

so here it is. don't be too fanatic about being an ex-sbp students or any prestigious high school students. that title won't be brought to the grave nor The Judgment Day thou, never will.

scratch and finished.

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