Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stronger. Must be.

the older i am, the more responsibilities are hanging over me. so..

sometimes i felt so fragile that i can collapse at anytime.
sometimes i need that somebody but at the time, that somebody's not there for me.
sometimes the tension is just overwhelming that the best solution is to shout out loud so everybody knows what i feel.
sometimes the need of someone's care and love emerged without i even aware of it.

maybe i can say that all the 'sometimes' are basically human nature so i don't need to care much?
yes i must just ignore because it might be that; that time we 'lost' our sight from Him, we're madly thinking of the worldly desires. 
don't you get it? it's just a test. 
a test from the inside.
all we need is nobody because no one can make us satisfy in a way that can achieve His pleasure,
just ask directly from Him. from The Almighty. 

because there is a space in our heart that can really satisfy us.

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