Saturday, March 16, 2013

No need to ask. He will give it.

Lately i feel blessed. what should we say? ALHAMDULILLAH.

i don't know why. but this is so real. from the moment i reached home last week.

Anything i asked from mom, she will surely get it for me. in no matter what. and of course, it makes me feel easy and comfort. sometimes i don't need to ask, but my mom ask me first whether i want it or not. as i feel that these are some kind of 'rezeki', i just nodded eventhough sometimes i feel that i don't need the thing that my mom offered.

In this situation, i think that, maybe i am alone with my mom at le house? maybe. so it's easier to get what i want. although it might make me happy, somehow i feel guilty. feel very guilty to get those bounties while some of my brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestin and Gaza are having such difficult times. They even don't even have what i have here. :c

Generally, i always get things without asking. it came in sudden. i don't want to say that i'm in a rich family.. definitely NOT. my family is in between poor and rich. the ordinary one. sometimes i really need money to buy some things that i need, but i really shyyy to ask money from my parents. seriously.  the more i grew the more i feel shy. idk why.

le drafting pencil
To clarify my situation, there was a moment which i really want to search for this kind of special type of pencil. it's some kind of drafting pencil, and it's really awesome. i thought i want to look for it in le market or bookstores. one day when i bought a stylus pen, i mentioned how great that i've found a cheap stylus at Daiso (a Japanese store, each item RM5 only!) then my father overheard it, he suddenly remembered that he wanted to give a special typed-pencil which he left in his car. i was so curious that i've wondered... is it a technical pencil or what? then we reached home, he gave me the pencil. and owhh! what a shock. it's the same as what i want! that time i felt so blessed. subhanallah, indeedAllah is the BEST PLANNER. i got something that i want without even using a cent of my money. Alhamdulillah..

Then, i remembered this ayat from His 'Love Letter',

" And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.' "
[Ibrahim 14:7]

Currently, i was jealous of my sisters. both of their studies are guaranteed by JPA. you can wonder how much money le government would give them each semester. even thou my foundation allowance is not as much as that jpa, then i need to spend extra money for the architecture thingy..... i still feel grateful that i've got a chance to study in a course that i love. :')

We can see how easy to get bounties (rezeki/nikmat). Allah said in Quran, we just need to be GRATEFUL of what we have, then Allah will give more. and Dhuha every morning is not a hard thing to do though, 2 rakaahs only. :)

So people. that's my story. an ordinnary one but i hope we got some lessons at least. maybe?

scratch scribble. done!

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