Friday, December 21, 2012

Ring Ding Dong? hee.

assalam n good night. 

In accordance to yesterday's tragic moment, you know what. 21st december 2012 is just an epic fail and it is totally busted! such a disgrace for those whom really believe in it. we can be assured that Judgment Day will be at anytime, BUT not certain time because it's only Allah s.w.t who knows when it will happen. wallahualam.

in sudden, i got a not-so-brilliant idea to make as a topic. what? it is RING. an engagement ring? sort of kinda. haha unfortunately i never received any ring from anyone. oh well, i think it's not the time. to chill my heart, i managed to buy a ring. i bought it with my beloved friend, Syazwani :) 

Following trend? nahhh.

frankly, i was jealous when i saw other girls wearing those magnificent types of rings. i thought it must be from their friends, families or either boyfrengg? awwwsch so shweet. haha kidding. no offence, but i kinda feel it's absurd if the ring is from a boyfriend. short-minded? haa u can assume me that.

from my point of view, wearing a ring is not because i'm bajeting that i've taken by a guy. by this time, i'm trying to remind myself by wearing it. with this, i can recall myself for not having special feelings with other men, even it's a little infatuation. i have no one to be 'marked' as my husband-to-be, but i'm sure that i'll have one *in shaa Allah*. this ring is just to guide my feelings, that i'm a muslimah. and a muslimah, should not... make any adultery act, including heart adultery (zina hati). hmm with that words i've hit a nail on my head! :p

even though this ring cost less than 10hinggit, i just hope that it would be useful as what i've mentioned.

okey that's enough for explanation. i also heard that wearing ring is our Prophet's sunnah. So apa lagi. :D


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