Sunday, December 9, 2012

how many years .

she bet he decided not to contact her anymore through any medium even facebook.
and she thought that is the best decision for him and herself.

So glad that he knew what to do. even if it hurt her. all that ran along that girl's mind is...

"is this over?"
"can i let others approach as my next choice?"
"will this far distance relationship works. without communication??" 
"what if...."

many undesirable whisper came. she was totally confused. yet she decided to ask someone who knew more about the person she care. a junior in his school.

"if you're meant to be with him, don't worry. Allah have decided each person with their own spouses in their lives.." he said suddenly, even he never knew what's in the girl's mind.

that simple word of wisdom reassured her for believing in miracles of Allah. yes, nothing is impossible. just that, if you're hoping so badly to make him your spouse one day, you'll probably get hurt, if that thing happens contradict to your wish. that's why, don't take 'soal jodoh' so seriously right now.

but she believes...

"bad women are for bad men, and bad men, for bad women - just as good women are for good men, and good men, for good women.." [surah an nur ayat 26]

yes. she always remembers the promise that He made. what should she do now? be a good girl. not just that, but to be a 'true muslimah'. a label which is so hard to be grabbed especially for a girl who is not used to be it from the beginning. she must try her best.

things got even worse when she knows that TODAY he will fly somewhere else, far away from this country. he will go, without leaving a word. he never told that he would be somewhere else. she knew, only from the junior on the day before. such a pathetic. 

somewhat, she ever felt annoyed. why he ever came to her life? why things must be like this? how she wished that she never knew him. because it hurts her now. and maybe gonna hurt her year after year. execrable, how execrable.

however, she tries to calm herself. there must be something behind all of these. everything happens for a reason. Allah tests each person with different challenges. He tests the Palestinians by physical means, and He tests us here, in Malaysia, mentally. people thought that both type of challenges are lopsided. in fact, either physically or mentally, both have internal abstract meanings. #ehhhh? ok what type of horrible sentence is this -.-"

well. what happen next? the girl needs to wait patiently. for about 6 years maybe? only Allah knows......

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