Saturday, December 1, 2012

Heaven on Earth.

assalamualaikum. please answer it even in your heart (for the mute people only) ihiks :3

alhamdulillah , i got strength to type for another post. this goodness verily from Allah s.w.t. 

honestly, i don't really understand myself. do you understand yourself? i bet you're lying to yourself if you say "yes" . ahaa.

i just got some lessons after attending an islamic program entitled Best Tarbiyah. it is just a small program handle by mahallah representive committee. and do you know whatttt....?

at the beginning i was hesitated to make my own way to the 'musolla mahallah' (surau ground floor hostel). i've asked few of my friends before that. unfortunately, none of them could follow me. me was really sad TT____TT . BUT, suddenly;

"Why must you go there if only you need someone accompany you?"

"This is only about you and your deeds (amalan) in the Judgment Day. your friend has nothing to do with you..."

"Don't make excuse for a good thing. It's only qarin's  whisper." 

Thanks to Allah that He gave me some kind of whisper which encourage me to go there by only me and myself. I stepped to the ground floor calmly then.

We've began with Taaruf (ice breaking). I was shocked to know that most of the participants are from mahallah zainab, not mahallah khadijah (where i live). Moreover, there are also from Mahsa College and UPM. it was a jaw-dropping one, to know their endeavor of going to cfs iium (from farther place than mine) just to join a small 'majlis ilm'. subhanallah. I should be really grateful to stay in a place with lots of 'majlis ilm' promoted everyday. not only me, also my friends here. yes, they should.

Along the program, i've met many friends here. not the ordinary one. most of them are very good in religion speech and also have strong faith in Islam. indeed, it's true what our Prophet s.a.w said, "majlis ilm is garden(heaven) on Earth". We can meet many muslimah with solehah personality, thus make them as our companion to get Allah pleasure, inshaa Allah :)

In fact, i was a very weak person. my iman could be up and down. when no one there to guide me, i would certainly get engrossed thus being neglect of any lagha things i've done. i would only do good deeds when someone invite me to. this is what they call 'iman ikut ikut'. nauzubillah. i'm trying to improve. inshaa Allah.

Eventually, the program ended up with a smile from the bottom of my heart. I got something that I've wished before this. I was really thankful to have a chance to mingle around with those girls. BUT that doesn't mean that my mission is completed yet. I still have many 'amanah' to be implemented. mostly amanah to convey truth to my family and friends around me. may Allah ease.

For those who felt their life has been even bored, better watch out your iiman. it may be fluctuated, or even worse, it may be decreased gradually from day to day. That's why, we need to be close to *at least* a soleh(ah) person. where to find? of course, in majlis ilm.. inshaa Allah :)

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