Friday, December 14, 2012

Accept yourself as YOU.

Let us grab some barakah from the piece of greet which is 


how wonderful it is if i can deliver the miracle word to the people around me even if i never knew them before. unfortunately, people would think i'm a weird person. i have less gut on that. bitter as gall. that's the reality of the world approaching the Judgement Day. nauzubillah :'(

revert to the main topic.
ever read this before?

Dari Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda,
انظروا إلى من هو أسفل منكم ولا تنظروا إلى من هو فوقكم ، فهو أجدر أن لا تزدروا نعمة الله عليكم
“Pandanglah orang yang berada di bawahmu (dalam masalah harta dan dunia) dan janganlah engkau pandang orang yang berada di atasmu (dalam masalah ini). Dengan demikian, hal itu akan membuatmu tidak meremehkan nikmat Allah padamu.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

oh men. I'm kinda disappointed with myself; every time i'm unconsciously fascinated with others' superiority. i felt weak. yet the worst part i've ever faced was being overwhelmed with ungratefulness. fortuitously, i remembered this hadith. sense of gladness came shortly after that. alhamdulillah.

frankly, i don't prefer to see others' bless in their life. *jealous?* yes of course i am. girls are easily get jealous than boys and i admit it. you must think i'm a bad girl eh? ah lantak. i'm happy when my friends happy, but sometimes when they look like showing off their life blessings, eventhough it's not so significant *you know what i mean* i think it is something detestable. 

sorry i have no intention to hurt anyone. this is reality.

so people. let's be patient for the tests that Allah give us. if you have a sudden jealousy towards someone, just think that each blessings that we got, each of those have certain responsible for us to be undertaken.

imagine how Allah will ask us in the Judgment Day. by a breath, what benefit that we've done? :'(

in retrospect, i really like to see those 'perfect muslimah' out there. i know that they're just normal people like me, but they have something that i didn't have. shame on me. hope that one day i can be like them..

o heart. just be patient.

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