Sunday, May 13, 2012

Manic monday? i dont think so :j

Imagine bout The Bangles Band ? hewhew, yep, they're the one who sang along the 'Manic Monday'. Today was weird to me. there are weird things happened to me. who wants to know? if u dont want, just click on the 'x' button up there. :j

Foremost, what is manic monday? what i know is, it relates to the common phenomenon that happens every weeks for everyone. basically, children who go to school will feel bored to think of tomorrow will be MONDAY. means school hour! also the people who works, they'll totally feel lame to think of the works that are non-stop even they already had break on the weekend. ala, biasa la tu.

BUT people who do works lillahi taala, inshaa Allah he or she will make everyday as great days to think that they will give services and benefits to others as they work sincerely :3

Enough talking bout that, actually i have an unusual feelings bout today, MONDAY, 14th may 2012.

Firstly, i fell asleep after subuh. *okay that's bad* while sleeping, i've dreamt bout i ate many muffins and candies. after finished eating lustfully, suddenly i remembered that today i am fasting *hoo noo* i was in utter regret. Then i heard my mom's voice, she was calling for me to get ready. i woke up, realizing that it was my mother's real voice. *glad that it's just a dream, blom batal lg pose* it's 9 a.m. Luckily, i had taken my bath before subuh, so i get up by only washing my face, then get ready all the important documents. we went to bank muamalat to open my acc for the inquiries of uia bantuan asasi. :>

No parking there in Rawang *hoo noo* so we went acah tak acah je park in forbidden area. unfortunately, after succeed getting the atm bankcard, we got to pay 'parking lot' for 100ringgits in the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang. asdfghjkl !

Mom felt so restless. me also. i felt guilty coz the incidence happened due to my business to open my bank acc. so i decided to use my money to pay for the fine. *ohh so sayang! duit gaji melayang!* but i insisted to do so. okay, tu duit dunia, bukan boleh bawa ke kubur, bayar jelah,, lagipun boleh jadi duit kebajikan utk rakyat jelata selayang -..- *my thought.

As mom already paid for the so-called-parking-fee , i feel relieved to hear that we only need to pay 50ringgits. *ouhhyeayhhh awesome!* thanks majlis perbandaran selayang for being very generous to us, hikhok! alhamdulillah......

When i think back and flashback, i realized one thing and learnt many things.

once bitten, twice shy

means, once we done a mistake and busted by others, we'll never have desire to do the same mistake again.

I also can think more maturely *cewahh* about rezeki comes from Allah and He is the one who can control all the flows of rezeki. Like what happened previously, we can't even determine that this might happen to us, i mean the 100ringgits payment at the so far place from our home. *jauh tuu selayang* This thing makes us realize that rezeki can be taken back by Allah in anytime. Specially when someone get robbed? sabo jelah sis. ^.^"

Okay, that's all. on my way to improve english! must exempt EPT until Level 6 so that can get 1 year only  for the foundation program at Centre For Foundation Studies in IIUM, inshaa Allah. yosh yosh chaiyok!

scratchscratch finished!

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