Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hai korang. Semoga kita berjumpa.

I'm an ordinary afterschool student who has less pressure than any other teenager. because of what? because i have a very relaxing time and enjoy every moment while waiting for the upu result ^.^ (alhamdulillah). while waiting, i've done many things, so many that i myself can't describe it one by one. and one of the interesting moment is when i 'met' new friends in social sites (like other did :j).

is that phrases look like manglish ? oh well, just ignore it. i'm practicing. it's been a very long time. :D

Not to be weird of, when you see me looking at the laptop screen until 6hours++ a day. Why so long? because this flat modern technology gadget has so many information that i never knew before. developing our brain in a long break is necessary, to make sure it keeps thinking and working.

Enough of the nonsense things i've typed. what i'm gonna say here is about the distance relationship in cyber world. *woaaa,, clapclap* anyway, it's a common thing, am i right? yes it is. for me, it's a new thing as i just moved out from the hostel life since 5 months ago. i could add up my own friends  besides of my friends in previous schools; they are my cyber friends :)

Since this long break, i've learnt to not being choosy in befriending others. frankly, i was a ... er,, what to say? you know that kinda girl who always think too long before make others as her friend. *that was my past*. but now i'm learning to accept others no matter how kind or bad they are, how selfish or talkative they are, or how popular or ordinary they are. because everyone has their own talent also weakness *including me*

To you, you, and you ! (facebook, twitter, and blogger friends) thank you very much that you guys have kindness to be my friend. hope that we have chance to meet in reality *if Allah wills* and if not here in this world, pray that we can meet there, in His Jannah. May this relationship enriches our friendship value and also gives benefits to each of us. 

I don't want to list down all the names here, this is just so you know. *siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya* hikhik,, yeah, it's true. no need to mention here if your names are already in my brain hippocampus . InsyaAllah, it'll remain there unless i got Alzheimer? *nauzubillah*

Dear you who read this,

You must been wondered what type of girl i am, right? don't think too much, because i'm just an ordinary muslimah, i'm not as kind as an ustazah, neither as bad as a witch. i'm just plain me, a girl who always need tarbiyah in her everyday life so she could avoid world defamation, as much as she could. i need you to bring me to the Truth, leading me to Allah's pleasure. moreover, this is the real responsible for us, which is to remind for goodness and advice from the wrongdoings. 
most importantly, never assume much unless we meet :)

that's all. sayang korang kerana Allah s.w.t. :j

scratchscratch finished! assalam :)