Saturday, April 28, 2012

KinderGarden !

assalamualaikum u alls!

i just finished my graduation day in Kuala Selangor Science Secondary School a.k.a. KUSESS. A bright day, alhamdulillah, yet also the sad one. But i ain't talking about this graduation day, that post i'll separate from this one, which is : Children Ribena Days ! haha.

See, how cute they are! These two are kanak kanak ribena. danish n fathia. but fathia was not one of the kindergaden kids. so she went to here seldomly.
By the way, i want to say that i just retired from this awesome job. some will like to be like me, which is to take care of these cute children. but they dont have mind on how tough this work is; to mop up the children's vomiting wastes, clean up the smelly butt and also avoid them form quarreling with each other. =_=" but sometimes it's a very pleasure one to see their cute faces :3

It's been 2 months. the first day was a worst one because these kids liked to make a "mental tests" on every teacher that was newly involved in this place. so, they do things like climbing the gates, didn't listen to my advice and so on. Felt annoyed and disrespected also. I made up my mind to be patient and tried my best to husnuzon :') .

The last week of my working days was accompanied by kak fatin. She had experienced on taking care of these children since last year. so i felt very happy and easier when we worked together. moreover, she was a havoc and sporting one! weewoo kak fatin! thanx ^.^

And now, i'm gonna spend my time on doing the undone things that should be done 3 months ago. need to improve my skills on english and sketching! haha, semangat kan. bese la tu jannah -.-". okay, all the best for our next chapter of life. jihad fi sabilillah! insyaAllah :)

blurr ke posing tuh -.-"

tgok tu, kemain lg pngaruh 1malaysia. tssk.

comei je tgok "adik n alquran" si nana ni :3
*today is bersih 3.0 day and dino's buffdey. take note*

scratchscratch finished! alhamdulillah c:

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