Sunday, April 29, 2012

Graduation Day 2012 !

That saturday, 28th April 2012 a.k.a bersih 3.0 day. That was a really awesome day i've ever had for this month. and also the last day of our gathering together. i love my own batch, 0711 KUSESS. will never forget all of you :')

when i went to the school, i had opportunity of meeting my juniors, exdormmates and also lovely dovely teachers :3. mostly my friends ! i met kak jah n syera razak, the friend that i missed the most! and also other friends, we laughed, we hugged and play together. can't forget how happy they we're. :D when i had chance to shake hands and hug my teachers, felt so happy and relief! mostly when i'm with bonda hajah rosminah,, i felt truly sad and wanna cry. she had been 3 years being my principle since i was form 1 in SMESH. ohh bonda, thanx soo much!

Fyi, those who got straight A's for spm, they got banner of their faces (can be brought home) and hundreds of ringgits. untunglaa. ahaa, i missed that only one A, but its ok. a lil bit sad there but maybe Allah got something better for me next time? insyaAllah ^.^ i'm very grateful anyway .

mama, kaksu, me
my left: syera razak, my right: mamat kecoh, at front: nishalynda n ika lan,  behind: nashreen n zur

we are!

happy graduated  faces :)
me, shuu, famira, ayong and shuu's mom

after finished packing back, i met as much as i could, all the friends and say farewell to them. they'll be someone someday, so i pray that they'll be successful in their future. as i was in the car, otw to home, felt very sad, to think that this would be the last time we gather in this number. that kind of aura, when we shouted kusess cheer together for bonda when she was taking the anugerah mantan pengetua, that was the most precious one! idk how to express, but its awesome! hee.

ok, im really in rush, that's y my english hav many broken and also the words are not tidily arranged. all i can say is, good luck my friends ! we hav a long journey after this, may Allah bless :)

*today is amin azmi's birthday. take note guys! :)*

scratchscratch finished! c:


LKA said...

yg stret A tu dpt RM100 je...
RM50(Banner) RM50 lg tunai...
yg dpt tokoh bagai tu bru dpt lbih skit.. + rm200 lg xsilap..

n.jannah said...

owhh, i see. terlihat kat sampul tu ad yg smpai 300, tahniah korg ^.^