Sunday, April 22, 2012

facebook deactivated. so what.

This is to explain what situation i have now. this is to give clear reasons why i choose to do such thing.

What so big thing bout this deactivate whatsoever? not a big thing thou. some will say "yess! she's gone from here!" some will cry coz they cant stalk the profile anymore (ehh adeke.perasan je), either they wont realize anything bout what i've done lately (this group of people r many).

Then when i say : "guys i deactivated it last night", they were like "whatt??how dare youu??" bhaahaa. over pulak.

So this is the reason for the questions TELL ME WHY :

- that facebook, it is wasting my time. 
- i always used it.
- i overused it.
- so i deleted it.
- to not use it.

That's it. my time sure has gone easily when i opened it each time. now i have only one month as a preparation to a university. my only time to decide my future. my only time to enjoy with family. when i opened the tablet just to sign into fb acc, i just lose my time to improve my english, know about world issues and also having a blithesome moments with my family. i'm like frog under vase! :0

there are much more things to do other than using fb. other useful and beneficial sites. yes, fb has many goodness, but the badness is more than goodness. maybe other will say "gune je lah cam bese, asal kau guna secara sederhana". blablabla. i've tried it but no use. it's still not working, so i made my own decision to "kill" it.

BUT actually i miss it. i miss my cyber friends there, i miss the young_ARCHITECT group, i miss to see those doodle dakwah thingy. :'(

its ok, nothing matter much. insyaAllah, i'll reactivate it back one month later. maybe a week later? hew hew hew hew hew.

scratchscratch finished! c:


drnuredsassin said...

miss you too,dear...

LKA said... more pokes...haha

n.jannah said...

miss u ed. dont worry i'll be back with more drawings! insyaallah :)
LKA : blah la kau. :P