Sunday, March 18, 2012

It reminds someone to someone

Many things could be made up to make people has strong memory of our existence in their life. One of the things is nickname. Yeah, this thing really gives great impact on someone who is called caliphs, slave, and dai'e. Moreover, if he or she is called ‘honey’ or ‘darling’ or ‘cayunkzz’ or something relates those things, it'll permanently remembered. Such a waste if it’s used for someone whom is not meant to be our life partner, not the one who is written with our name in the Luh Mahfouz, isn’t it ? Sorry for those who could feel the chilli or pepper or jalapenos sensation in this blog, for sure, you’ll regret it. So stop before it’s too late (reminder for me too :j) -ohh menyampah nye, direct gitu pulak dia . harharr :3

adapted from a comic

Sometimes, nickname could measure our relationship and social with other person. For example, I’m called ‘Jannah’ everywhere I am (except home). That’s my official nickname. But when someone calls me ‘jann’I don’t know why, but the truth is : I felt safe by the person’s side and it’s like 100 years ago I’ve known her/him even though I just knew her/him for few days. How magnificent, incredible, marvelous,  right ? (subhanallah c:) but it depends on situation also; if someone like nak menggedik aku x rase papepon. Khee~ :B


What's that ? This word never existed in dictionary nor encyclopedia. But nowadays, my friends in the internet (cyber friends la katakan. hihi) often call me by that name. First thing that comes into my mind, is this name benefit me ? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not wrong as long as there's no bad meanings behind that name. This name makes me closer to my cyber friends. :D 
For sure, jannah is the best name my mother had given. Subhanallah c:

Why I'm talking about myself ? Supposedly the readers must be priority , right ? haha, tahpape la. Ok stop. Importantly, we must be careful of what name we're giving to our mates or friends. As written in the Holy Quran,

Dan janganlah setengah kamu menyatakan keaiban setengahnya yang lain; dan janganlah pula kamu panggil-memanggil antara satu dengan yang lain dengan gelaran yang buruk. (Larangan-larangan tersebut menyebabkan orang yang melakukannya menjadi fasik, maka) amatlah buruknya sebutan nama fasik (kepada seseorang) sesudah dia beriman. Dan (ingatlah), sesiapa yang tidak bertaubat (daripada perbuatan fasiknya) maka merekalah orang-orang yang zalim.” 
[Maksud surah al-Hujurat, ayat 11]

This thing looks simple, but did we ever mention ?

“ Dan barangsiapa yang melakukan kebaikan walau sebesar zarah, maka tetap akan dihitung, dan barangsiapa yang melakukan kejahatan walau sebesar zarah, maka tetap akan dihitung”
(Surah Al-Zalzalah ayat 7-8)

My hands kinda shaking to copypaste this piece of surah because I'm one of the person which sometimes did 'lagha' things. nauzubillah. I'm like other person, but I'm trying my best to change myself, with hope that others did too. We'r one ummah, right guys ? :)

scratchscratch finished ! 

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